“Unbundled legal services”, or “limited scope legal assistance” means that we can assist clients with only those legal services that they need. Our attorneys can assist you with certain aspects of a case rather than all aspects of a client's case, which is what traditional representation entails. This can limit the expenses of representation.

The client is in charge of selecting one or several discrete lawyering tasks contained within full-service representation. For example, a client might feel confident that they can do all paperwork aspects of their case, yet might be nervous about appearing before a Commissioner or a Judge, or vice versa. By using unbundled services, a client only pays an attorney for those discrete parts of their case that they truly need help with. 

Through unbundled services, we can assist you with:

  • document drafting
  • representation at a hearing
  • mediation
  • negotiations
  • sole consultations
  • research
  • and more

If you are not sure if unbundled services are right for your case, please contact us for a consultation. 


Are Unbundled Services right for you?

  1. How much money can you spend on your case?
  2. Do you feel comfortable spending time researching your case and learning about the areas of law that affect your case?
  3. Do you have time to spend working and learning about your case?
  4. How many issues does your case involve?
  5. Have you ever had any sort of experience or involvement with a case or the legal system before? 
  6. Are you a strong writer, reader, or speaker? 
  7. How contentious is your case?
copyright Reiko Turner

copyright Reiko Turner